One way to immediately curtail the effects of a bad day? Spending time with your dog. Research has shown that dogs empathize with their owners. When a dog sees that their owner is sad, not only do they experience signs of sadness themselves, but they exhibit behavior designed to actively comfort their owner. 

Here are some ways that your dog can help reduce those feelings of stress and anxiety:

Encourage Outdoor Exercise.

Dogs need outdoor time for exercise, and in most cases, for the opportunity to go to the bathroom. This requires that dog owners take their dogs outside and walk with them. Since exercise is great for stress management and overall health, having a dog and going on walks can be considered an added health bonus to pet parenting. For some dog owners, outdoor walks are more frequent due to the sheer joy of pet companionship and being a part of the pet parent community.  

Encourage Social Interaction.

Dogs have an uncanny ability to make others smile. How many times have you resisted the urge to hug or pet another person’s dog when outside? When we bring our dogs with us to walk or to just accompany us throughout our daily routine, we become more open to others. Dogs give people a reason to interact with you and can increase the number of positive social encounters we experience day-to-day. 

Provide Real Feelings Of Love.

Petting a dog and engaging in eye contact with them causes the mutual release of oxytocin, the love hormone. So when you snuggle with your dog, it creates a feeling of love for you both! What better way to combat feelings of stress and anxiety, than with feelings of love and affection?

Dogs Can Be A Source Of Therapy. 

There’s a reason therapy animals exist. It’s because they can provide a truly healing and therapeutic experience for their owners, as well as those around them. From having a furry best friend to experiencing the positive effects of an emotional support animal, a dog’s ability to help reduce stress and anxiety speaks for itself.

Make sure you give back to your furry best friend by ensuring that their life is healthy and happy! Browse our shop for dog health options.